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The MicroClients is a low cost, energy efficient, small and inexpensive computer solution. The MicroClient has a fewer features than the MicroServer GP/GP+, which makes it cheaper. Configured as a thin client or diskless workstation, the MicroClient uses about five watts of power. The MicroClient can operate operate with either solid state or standard 2.5 inch hard disks.

The MicroClient, compared to an average-sized hand

The MicroClient is an ideal standalone embedded device. The MicroClient supports Windows CE, Windows XP embedded, Windows 98/ME, Linux and QNX. We offer networked based solutions supporting both thin clients and diskless clients.


  • Tiny footprint
  • Runs on Both AC and DC
  • Draws only 3.8 to 6 Watts
  • x86 compatible processor
  • No cooling fan required
  • Regular expansion ports - USB/Serial/LAN etc.


We can pre-install the unit with GNU/Linux or Windows, as per your requirement.

Available Options:

All units ship with standard 128 MB RAM. We have 4 base options with one or two NICs:
  • Barebones: With RAM only
  • Thin Client: Supports RDP 5.0, XMDCP, ICA Citrix and USB wireless
  • With Thin Client (as above) and Integrated Office Suite (IOS)
  • With RAM, 40 GB hard drive


The MicroClient is currently sold out. There are plans to release a new revision of this product in the near future.

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