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The MicroClient JrSX represents the least expensive x86 compatible computer solution available. The MicroClient JrSX uses the revolutionary System on Chip, the Vortex86SX, that integrates a complete computer on a single CPU. The MicroClient JrSX is not a general purpose device, because it does not have floating point support. However, it is an extremely cost effective computer to deploy standalone embedded applications.

NorhTec MicroClient JrSX front view

The MicroClient JrSX is the ideal solution when space, power, and environment are factors limiting your options. The MicroClient JrSX is ideal for creating firewalls, access points, biometrics, and creating networked appliances.

NorhTec MicroClient JrSX rear view (shown w. optional serial ports)

The MicroClient JrSX boots directly off CF (Compact Flash), LAN or USB devices. Optional RS232 ports are also available. There are options to add 2.5 IDE drives, WiFi, etc. Due to space limitations if internal IDE drives are installed, you cannot install WiFi or serial ports.


  • 486SX compatible processor (no floating point)
  • 128 MB DDR RAM
  • Tiny footprint
  • VESA standard - mount to any LCD
  • No cooling fan or moving parts
  • Regular expansion ports - USB/Serial/LAN etc.


The MicroClientJrSX will run x86 based operating systems that do not need floating point support. This includes most versions of DOS, including FreeDOS (www.freedos.org). It also includes many lightweight Linux and BSD proejcts as well as Windows CE up to version 5.0.

Available Options & MSRP (US$):

The price of the basic MicroClient JrSX starts at $88.00. Quantity discounts are available and custom solutions can be built around the Vortex86SX for large orders. Note that JrSX w/miniPCI, RS232 & GPIO requires a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 300 units.

The MicroClient JrSX comes in mutiple configurations. Please note that if you want to support an internal 2.5" hard drive then you cannot have WiFi, RS232 or any other option. All units come with a CF (Compact Flash) slot, and the unit can boot from a CF directly.

Base units do not include any software. Prices exclude shipping. Keyboards / mice are not provided. Any PS/2 or USB keyboard and mouse is compatible with all of our systems.

Shipping quotes on single units | Buy now

 MicroClient JrSX standard
 MicroClient JrSX w/ option to install HD
 MicroClient JrSX w/ Mini PCI
 MicroClient JrSX w/ Mini PCI, two RS232 ports, and 24 bit GPIO
 Min. order qty: 300 units

 Accessories (Add to price)

 WiFi (added on board - requires Mini PCI support)
 1 GB CF (Compact Flash)
 2 GB CF (Compact Flash)
 4 GB CF (Compact Flash)

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