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MicroServers are small, energy efficient devices that implement networks in locations that are too small or lack the power to drive traditional networks. Microservers are designed as building blocks, allowing people to create networks in a modular fashion.

Size of the GP/GP+, compared to an average-sized hand

There is no question that PCs are versatile, functional and affordable. However, one thing that the PC is not is deployable. You can not easily put a PC in your car, on a plane or in a bus.

Microservers are designed so that existing x86 applications can be rapidly deployed into locations that would be impossible or at least difficult with a PC. While one might easily think of dozens of applications where police, firemen, or the military would want such a unit, a microserver is also practical for businesses, organizations, schools and homes.


  • Tiny footprint - the size of a paperback
  • Runs on Both AC and DC
  • Draws only 3.8 to 7.5 Watts
  • x86 compatible processor
  • No cooling fan required
  • Regular expansion ports - USB/Serial/LAN etc.
  • The GP+ Models feature video in/out for security and multimedia applications.


We can pre-install the unit with GNU/Linux or Windows, as per your requirement.

Available Options:

The GP (general purpose) version is designed to put datacenter server functionality in a form factor that is small enough to meet highly mobile applications such as airline, ship, defense, law enforcement, wearable computers or small office home office (SOHO).

The GP+ features video in/out, so it can be used in security and multimedia applications where video in/out might be needed. Both units have one or two 100BaseT Ethernet ports.


The prices exclude installation of any software. Prices also exclude shipping. Keyboards / mice are not provided. Any PS/2 or USB keyboard and mouse is compatible with all of our systems.

 GP w. 40 GB HDD, dual NIC
Sold out 
Sold out 

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 USB Ethernet
 USB Ethernet, wireless

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