The Gecko Edubook

The Gecko EduBook is an upgradeable, low power, portable and cost effective laptop. Unlike most inexpensive laptops (often called netbooks), the Gecko EduBook is designed for tough, long service.  

The Gecko EduBook does not have a fan.  The Xcore86 CPU used in the Gecko EduBook is more energy efficient than any other x86 CPU running at 1Ghz. It can support Microsoft Windows XP.  The Xcore86 only uses 1.2 watts of power. While the Gecko EduBook costs less than most every other x86 compatible laptop, the Gecko Edubook features a large, bright LED backlit 8.9 inch screen with a resolution of 1024 x 600.  

The Gecko Edubook is also modular.  The CPU and RAM are on a replaceable module allowing the CPU to be reused or upgraded. The Gecko Edubook can either be equipped with a standard 2.5 inch hard disk or an ordinary SD Flash for storage.  It is possible to recycle used or refurbished laptop drives or use low-cost SD Flash.

Gecko Edubook shown running Microsoft Windows XP

While most other laptops have proprietary and expensive battery backs, the Gecko Edubook uses standard AA size cells.  It can use NiMH 8 pcs (4 hours), Li+ 3S (4 hours) or Li+ 3S2P (6 hours).  This allows the Gecko Edubook to be easily configured to the end-user's requirements and gives the opportunity the Edubook to be assembled or retrofitted locally.  These batteries can be easily sourced and replaced as required.

Gecko Edubook showing with 8 NiMH rechargeable batteries (runtime of up to 4 hours)

Li-3S2P or LI-3S batteries are also supported by the Gecko


The Gecko EduBook is modular in that the CPU and RAM are on a removable module so that future upgrade can be made available by simply upgrading the module.  The system uses AA size cells which are easy to source and much less expensive than buying proprietary battery cartridges.  There is no bulky power adapter. The power supply is built inside the Gecko so that all you need to carry is a power cord.

SD storage, internal USB socket and removable CPU and RAM module

The Gecko features a skinable layout.  It is easy for users to personalize their Geckos by simply printing out their own skins. We have created an introductory video, which you can watch from youtube below.  

The Gecko EduBook features an internal USB socket.  This allows the units to be customized for specific applications. Telcos can package the Geckos with GPRS, Edge, 3G, 3.5G, EDVO or other telecommunication modems.  Users can choose any standard of WIFI they need or in places where WiMAX is available, WIMAX modules can be used instead.  In addition to the internal USB slot, the Gecko provides three additional USB ports.

Internally, there is a SD socket which can be used as a low cost boot or storage device.  There is also space for a 2.5 inch hard disk. Externally there is another SD socket. that can be used for transferring data from mobile phones, digital cameras or other devices.  

The Edubook will run Windows XP and many x86 Linux Distributions.  We have brought up several Linux Distributions to the Edubook, to include, Ubuntu 8.04, Ubuntu Remix, Debian 5, Puppy Linux 4.12, Edubuntu, Zen and many others.  We are currently shipping the Edubook with WattOS.  WattOS is a fast and efficient Linux distribution based on Ubuntu 9.04.  The Edubook comes preinstalled with the following applications:

Word Processing - Abi Word
Spreadsheet - Gnumeric
Presentation - Impress
Messaging - Pigeon
Browsing - Firefox
Media Player - Exalle
E-mail - Claws
VOIP - Skype
Photo Editor - Gimp

Users will have access to  tens of thousands of free and open source programs though a easy to use GUI base tool to download existing Ubuntu compatible applications.

WattOS uses the fast and lightweight LXDE window enviornment that should be very familiar to Windows XP users.  WattOS is ready to go to listen to MP3, look at photos, access Flash enabled websites, browse the web and access e-mail.

Most importantly, the Edubook doesn't lock users into a single OS or set of applications.  We believe WattOS provides a very high quality experience with a complete set of entertainment and productivity tools but we encourage users to experiment with different Linux distributions or run Microsoft XP.


 CPU  1GHz Xcore86 Device on Chip™
 Graphics  Integrated Graphics Chip
 Memory  512MB / 1GB DDR2
 Display  8.9" WSVGA 1024 x 600 resolution TFT LCD screen with LED
 HDD  SD Card or IDE Flash Disk
 Audio  Line-out, Mic-in, Internal Mic, Internal stereo speakers
 Ethernet  Built in 10/100 Base-T
 USB 2.0 ports  External : 3 ports, Inernal : 1 port (reserved for WIFI, GPRS,
 CDMA, 3G or 3.5G USB dongles)
 I/O  D-sub 15 pin VGA out, integrated SD card reader, touch pad
 Power / Battery  Rechargeable AA Battery - NiMH 8 pcs (4 hours max) or
 Li+3S (4 hours max) or Li+3S2P (6 hours max)
 AC 100V-240V (no external adapter)

Datasheet available here.

Available Options & MSRP (US$):

The price for the laptop starts at $199 for the basic configuration (512 MB RAM, 8 GB SD). If you are interested in this product, please ask for a price quote, or order now.

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