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Announcing the immediate availability of our second generation Device on Chip: Xcore86+ . The new product doubles RAM and speed for about $30 more than the first generation Xcore86. Upgrades are available for existing users for $85.


Welcome to NorhTec - the Next Generation of Network Computing

Price Increase Notice!

Due to increasing costs, Norhtec prices will increase at the end of this month. Prices are being finalized to minimize the impact to Norhtec's current customers. Orders placed and paid for by February 20, will be at the current price.

Please contact orders@norhtec.com with any questions.

Norhtec Staff

Our tagline is "Networking out of the box". This statement has two meanings. The first meaning is that our approach to networking is a non-traditional approach. The second meaning is that each NorhTec Microserver comes with all the hardware and software to build networks right out of the box. "Microservers" are small, energy efficient devices that implement networks in locations that are too small or lack the power to drive traditional networks. Microservers are designed as building blocks, allowing people to create networks in a modular fashion.

NorhTec SurfBoard Keyboard Computer

NorhTec have all the I/O and functionality of larger servers but they are more energy efficient and less expensive. Customers can easily add datacenter features into existing peer-to-peer networks without the expensive investment of building a datacenter. In fact, an entire datacenter could be put in a filing cabinet.

Each Microserver has one or two 10/100 BaseT ports. This allows them to be used as a network gateway, firewall or router.
Our products will provide our customers with complete solutions that do not require additional hardware or software.

NorhTec is focused on creating tomorrow's computers today. Each generation of computers has been replaced with new computers which are smaller, more energy efficient and less expensive. NorhTec is delivering computers today that are smaller, more efficient and less expensive than anyone else. NorhTec builds standard and custom computers that enable a completely new generation of computing. Pictured here is our newest device, NorhTec's MicroClient. NorhTec's MicroClients are x86 compatible devices that can be used as standalone micro PCs, diskless clients or thin clients. The Micro Client consumes only 4 watts of power with solid state disk and 7 watts with hard disk. NorhTec offers standard and custom configurations of the MicroClient to support a variety of applications. The MicroClient is the ideal platform to support existing x86 applications using either wired or warless networks. NorhTec focuses on offering a variety of small energy efficient computers using the latest processing technologies from Intel, VIA, SiS, AMD and XCore. NorhTec offers standard configurations in MiniATX, MicroATX, 5.25 and 3.25 Single Board Computer (SBC) configurations. NorhTec now offers a variety of standard options which include 12 or 24 fanless/DC power supplies or autoswitching / fanless AC power supplies.

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